Settling-in services

Settle into any new location overseas is not an easy task, but we can definitely make it more easily and therefore faster for any assignee to settle in. Our settling-in program is one of our most unique features, as we have found that the faster an assignee assimilates into the local society the more satisfied he is with his new surroundings and the better his performance and the more happy he will be.
  • Contact the assignee and provide the assignee with a login and password to our unique and self-developed  Settle-in-China™ (SIC) program, a web based interactive settling-in service where all assignees can view, gather and review information pertaining to settling-in, lifestyle and guides for living in China.
  • Once assignee has the login details, the assignee may schedule accompanied visits and tutorials with a consultant based on how many hours/days each assignee has. This is determined according to corporate HR’s guidelines. The assignee may schedule various different programs, depending on their interests, however a basic set of certain programs will be always recommended, which can then be manually removed if so requested by the assignee. The basic set will always include: Opening a Bank Account, Mobile SIM Registration, Medical Information, Utilities How to and Neighborhood Orientation.
  • Besides accompanied visitation, the Settle-in-China™ program contains valuable in-depth articles and guides in our knowledge bank where an assignee may read and review about “Where the best local diners” are to “How to use Wechat”. Some of these articles are so in-detail that they could function as do-it-yourself step by step guides, allowing assignees to continue benefit from them even if their assigned settle-in time with a consultant is used up.
  • Accompanied settling-in services will be confirmed via an itinerary which the assignee schedule themselves on our SIC™ platform. Once confirmed our consultant will pick up the assignee at their home/hotel/work according to the schedule and go through each of the requested programs. All accompanied settling-in services comes with vehicular transportation wherever applicable.
  • At the end of the program, assignees can review and rate the program online.