Officially Licensed

Our company is a licensed visa and immigration company, one of the few companies nationwide who are officially licensed as such. Visas can be applied for by each individual for themselves, in which case one will only incur a government service fee. Using our Maxview Visa services we will charge you a service fee, as we will handle any and all processes and issues that may arise during your application. Maxview Visa will handle every process from the initial consulting, preparing and collecting all the required documents for the service you request, handle all the legwork required in submitting said documents and make sure it is accepted.

Due to our extensive experience with each particular service, we know all the intricate details required and make sure that every application is 100% complete before submitting so that no time is lost in the process. Furthermore our immigration consultants have been working in the field for years, we have built up reputation with the various government departments who are handling the services and are able to receive policy changes, news and updates faster than most other parties, which we will share with our customers, but most importantly apply immediately into our process.



Permanent Residence/The Chinese Green Card




The Chinese Green card or locally known as Permanent Resident Permit used to be almost impossible to obtain. Since the reform in 2015, the regulations regarding the Permanent Residence Permit has been relaxed a lot, allowing foreigners with real guidelines and framework to be able to work towards a Permanent Residence Permit. The certificate is issued for 10 years for foreigners aged over 18 years and for 5 years for foreigners aged less than 18 years. Having the certificate allows foreigners to exit and enter China without the need to apply for visas during the duration of the certificate. This will further extend to the spouse and any children as well. Furthermore you can sponsor a foreign housekeeper/maid if you would like to.





For Spouses

Spouses of Chinese citizens or of aliens having obtained permanent residence in China, whose marriage has lasted for five years or longer, and who have lived in mainland China for five years in a row, the annual stay in China being no shorter than nine months, and who have stable and secured living status and a place to live

For Seeking Reunion with Parents

Unmarried children aged under 18 years old who come to live with their parents

For Investment

Having direct investment, stable investment in China for three years in a row, and having a sound taxation record

For Employment

Having assumed the posts of deputy general manager or deputy director of plants or higher level posts or posts of associate professors or associate research fellows and similar posts for more than four years in a row, and the period of stay in accumulation being no shorter than three years and having a sound taxation record.

For Outstanding Aliens

Having major and outstanding contributions to China or needed urgently in China

For Dependants

Persons having no direct relatives abroad entering China to live with direct relatives, who are over 60 years old, have lived in China for five years in a row, whose annual stay being no shorter than nine months and have stable and secured living status and places to live.


Permanent Residence Certificate can be revoked if you are:


  • Deemed to likely cause harm to national security or interests.
  • Are ordered by the People’s court to be expelled from the country.
  • Have obtained permanent residency through falsified materials or other illegal methods.
  • Accumulated stay in a year is less than three months, or your accumulated stay in a period of five years being less than one year, without permission.


  • Applicant passport with 12 months validity remaining and at least 2 blank pages for visas (not all blank pages are designated for visas).
  • Passport should have 4 years of continuous Shanghai working residence permit, if it is in an older passport this will need to be shown as well.
  • 2 Recent passport sized colored photograph with white background and on digital.
  • Applicant’s up-to-date Registration Form of Temporary Residence.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Salary receipt and contract for the last 4 years.
  • Official Tax receipt from the Tax Bureau for the last 4 years.
  • Company Business License.
  • Company Enterprise Code License.
  • Company Approval Certificate (only for foreign investment company).
  • No criminal record in your home country and any country you have stayed for over a year.
  • Special filled in visa application form with your company stamp.

Process Duration

Regular service time requires 10-15 working days
Express service time requires 8-10 working days