Latest News

  • 4 Sep

    Dual-work visa, the new ‘part-time’ visa

    This new visa policy allows part-time work in two industry as long as requirements are met

  • 2 Nov

    Work visa categories

    The new work visa introduces a three tier category system, each with its own requirements. We have identified the exact requirements that are asked of for each category and the subsequent visa process.

  • 29 Sep

    New Passport renewal policy

    Foreign nationals residing in China will be required to got the Exit/Entry bureau whenever they have renewed their passports and have an authentication letter from their respective embassies.

  • 27 Sep

    New Chinese visa (Z) policy starting Nov 1st

    Work visa to undergo extensive changes in 2017, starting with pilot cities in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and a few other smaller cities in November.