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29 Sep

New Passport renewal policy

IMPACT – Medium (all affected)



Background: When renewing your passport you will require to go to the Exit-Entry Bureau to register the new passport.  


What is to change? We have received an important news update today from the Exit-Entry Administration Ministry of Public Bureau. The message content is as follows:


When a foreign national receives a new passport, besides starting the renewal process at the Exit-Entry Bureau within a timely matter, any foreign nationals residing in China who were issued the new passport must provide documentation from their respective embassies and consulates proving that the old and new passports belongs to the same person.


There is no set format for this documentation which the government has titled "由领馆出据的新旧护照换发证明" roughly translated as "Embassy certification of passport renewal", however the form must state that the old passport's number and the new passport's number belongs to one and the same person.


How will it affect you? One more step is now required whenever you change your passport. You will be required to visit your embassy, so that they verify and certify that both your old and new passport belongs to you.


·         Implementation time frame: September 29th 2016

·         Who is affected: Everyone who will be renewing their passport in China.

·         Impact on processing times: One additional step will be required from you.

·         Business impact: Minimal.

·         Potential alternative: Alternatively another option is to exit the country using your old and new passports and reenter the country using the new passport, forgoing the need to get the certificate.



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