Officially Licensed

Our company is a licensed visa and immigration company, one of the few companies nationwide who are officially licensed as such. Visas can be applied for by each individual for themselves, in which case one will only incur a government service fee. Using our Maxview Visa services we will charge you a service fee, as we will handle any and all processes and issues that may arise during your application. Maxview Visa will handle every process from the initial consulting, preparing and collecting all the required documents for the service you request, handle all the legwork required in submitting said documents and make sure it is accepted.

Due to our extensive experience with each particular service, we know all the intricate details required and make sure that every application is 100% complete before submitting so that no time is lost in the process. Furthermore our immigration consultants have been working in the field for years, we have built up reputation with the various government departments who are handling the services and are able to receive policy changes, news and updates faster than most other parties, which we will share with our customers, but most importantly apply immediately into our process.



Chinese Driver License



If you do not have a driver license yet and are wanting do the test and acquire it in China follow the link here.


This service here only covers converting your existing driver license to a local Chinese driver license, as Chinese authorities do not acknowledge any other driver licenses other than their own – not even the International Driver Permit or Oversea Driver License which are recognized by various South East Asian countries.


If you are here for only a short term on a tourist visa and would like to rent a car to explore (which we do not recommend unless you have experience driving in Asian countries, since driving in China is not for the inexperienced), you may get a temporary/provisional driver license at the airport which allow you to do drive in China for 90 days, without any tests or conversions.



Converting a driver license requires a two step process:
  • You will be required to sit for the computerized theory test of 100 questions out of 900 possible questions. To pass this test one must achieve a score of 90% or higher. You may retake the test, if you do not pass and the test is available in various languages. Some test centers in smaller cities may insist on the Chinese version but will allow you a translator to accompany you if they do so.
  • You will be required to do a routine basic medical 
Once done you will be able to convert your driver license the same day.
Our Services will include:
  • Prepare all necessary documents to convert your driver license
  • Schedule and accompany you for the required medical check-up
  • Schedule and prepare you for the computerized theory test
  • Accompany you to the computerized theory test and once passed process your application to receive the Chinese Driver License the same day

Process Duration

1 week to learn the questions
1 day to take the test and the medical check