School search

Any parent will know that moving with children is stressful and relocation even more so. Furthermore one never wants to compromise a child’s education. Our school search program will introduce you to various schools, the pro and cons in each one, schedule school orientation and interview with a shortlist of schools and guide you on what questions to ask these school officials during these interviews, to allow the assignee have the best possible information at hand to choose which school they should enroll their child in.
  • Consultant will initiate contact with assignee, conduct questionnaire and needs assessment to better understand assignee’s preferences and expectations and the child’s needs.
  • Based off the questionnaire and needs assessment done by the consultant during the introduction, the consultant will have a better understanding of the assignee’s children age, needs and preferences. Furthermore if home search is included or the assignee has already a home, the consultant will suggest various suitable nearby schools first. Using these parameters the consultant will give a shortlist of various schools and brief the assignee on the different pro and con’s of each school, the different school systems, language and curriculum.
  • Schedule interviews with assignee’s shortlist of schools and fit it into the itinerary.
  • Provide vehicular transportation and accompany the assignee to the schools at scheduled time.
  • Assist assignee if questions arise and if school is chosen assist in the enrolment of said school.
  • Provide registration fee, deposit, and tuition payment program if required