Pre Look & See/Orientation Trip


The Pre Look & See (L&S) trip is one of the most deciding factor for an assignee to choose whether to continue the international assignment or not. It is the make or break factor for many assignees as this will be often their first impression of the country, workplace and colleagues they are about to move to. A L&S trip is done usually around 2-3 months before the assignment to scout out housing, get a feel for the lay of the land, get information on various services they need such as schools for children and to visit the offices and colleagues of their company already in the country.


Our L&S is a comprehensive, fully adjustable and customizable tour to reflect all this. We ensure the assignee feels comfortable, secure in their environment and looks forward to the assignment and answer any questions they may have regarding the move. A normal L&S tour will include the following:


  • Introduction of the consultant and the scope of services they will deliver
  • Conduct a preliminary questionnaire with needs assessments to more intimately understand the assignees particular needs, interests, expectations and preferences in various areas from housing to personal interests.
  • Give assignee a shortlist of compounds that 1) comply with corporate housing guidelines 2) fall within the preferences of the assignee and 3) are particularly suited to the assignee’s particular background. The overview will include approximate price ranges, size and location and nearby facilities to give the assignee a better understanding of what to expect. Furthermore arranged temporary accommodation for the duration of the L&S according to corporate guidelines will be set up.
  • Schedule and set up an itinerary a week before the arrival of the assignee for the L&S and confirm any extracurricular activities the assignee may have or want to attend. Itinerary will contain housing search according to the compounds shortlist, city orientation, school orientation if required and areas of particular interests to the assignee.
  • Airport pickup and drop off if required.
  • Provide welcome package and briefing kit.
  • For the duration of the L&S tour, fully accompanied with vehicular transportation.
  • Depending on duration of the L&S assigned, 3-5 housing options will be viewed, with other time devoted for an overview of the nearby amenities, school/work place visit, city hot spots, shopping/grocery malls and expatriates favorites and hangouts.
  • Once complete, a questionnaire will be completed on the performance, answer any additional and outstanding questions and securing housing for assignee until arrival.


Any of the above can be amended and adjusted with flexible scheduling to better fit the assignee’s needs.