Pre-inspection and check-in



  • Arrange or assist assignee with activation of utilities, phone lines and cable television within residence by providing application forms and liaising with relevant service providers as necessary.
  • Arrange temporary accommodations/hotel if housing not ready to move in to (if requested by corporate HR).
  • Remind assignee about bringing immunization and medical records/documentation.
  • Make appointment with landlord at least seven days prior to move in date to conduct pre-inspection.
  • Professional engineer conducts pre-inspection, submit Engineering Pre-inspection report to corporate HR and assignees.
  • If initial works are still outstanding, Maxview will propose remedy acceptable for assignee and landlord and follow-up to ensure works are completed.
  • Report to assignee and corporate HR on property preparation status.
  • Accompany or represent corporate HR/assignee in handover of premises.
  • Condition of property will be documented with inventory and property condition report.
  • Forward complete set of documents including letter of intent, tenancy agreement, inventory list for corporate HR files.