Lease negotiations and renewals

Lease Negotation
  • ŸCommunicate with assignee and landlord, confirm assignee’s request and requirements.
  • ŸLetter of intent preparation, signed by both expat and landlord, stating all assignee’s requests.
  • ŸNegotiation of rental costs and other fees (add any repairs yet to be done in lease agreement, diplomatic clause, etc) according to corporate HR’s standard lease agreement.
  • ŸPhysical visit to local real estate bureau to identify ownership of property that corporate HR is about to lease, provide corporate HR with bureau notice.
  • ŸReview lease and complete lease summary, submit “Comparable Rental Evidence Form” to validate proposed rental.
  • ŸSend copy of final lease to corporate HR together with all related files, such as landlord ID card copy, property ownership certificate, etc.
  • ŸArrange for initial payment of rental and deposit (corporate guarantee letter).




  • Prompt corporate HR of upcoming renewals when renewal notice for any tenancy needs to be served.
  • Implement such notices on corporate HR’s behalf upon corporate HR’s approval of renewal.
  • Renewal letter:  Liaise with assignees and landlords on renewal terms.
  • Tenancy agreement: Lease negotiations, finalization, negotiation of lease terms and conditions to corporate HR’s best advantage, liaison with corporate HR regarding execution of documents.
  • Inspection of property in appropriate cases where additional work is required, and ensuring all work completed satisfactorily.
  • Arrange maintenance contracts to be signed in appropriate cases.
  • Obtain lowest renewal rentals and reduce occupancy cost. In cases where rent is reduced, pursuit of excess security deposit refund.
  • Maxviewwill always attempt to negotiate “corporate guarantee letter” or “deposit offset last two months’ rental clause” to be accepted by landlord..
  • If assignee has been given approval to move to alternative premises, Maxviewwill arrange for home search (which will initiate the home search program).