Home/Housing search



Home/Housing search is one of the most important aspects in the relocation of an assignee. Having the right home is key to feeling comfortable and secure in your new environment and we are here to make sure that the assignee will find a new home away from home.


  • Upon new instructions for home search, a Maxview consultant will liaise with corporate HR and assignees to understand real estate need by completing a questionnaire to better understand the assignee’s preferences and source for suitable properties for the assignee to view, according to the assignee’s housing allowance and corporate housing policy guidelines.
  • A shortlist of compounds with available and suitable properties including nearby facilities and amenities, size, price range and location will be given along with an itinerary of potential viewing schedule, with photos where possible.
  • As instructed by corporate HR, Maxview consultant will contact the assignee at their hotel/office to arrange property orientation/viewing and consultant introduction.
  • The consultant will give a thorough introduction of the properties and facilities, do and don’ts and expectations for the local market.
  • Transportation will be provided by Maxview to and from each property to be viewed.
  • Nearby facilities, amenities and any special qualities of each compound and housing will be explained.
  • A post-inspection report will be submitted after each inspection to assignee and corporate HR for reference and record.
  • Ask the assignee to shortlist 3 properties to negotiate terms.
  • All necessary contact information of the landlords whose property are selected by the assignee will be submitted.
  • Assist assignee and corporate HR in lease negotiation.
  • Confirmation of final lease with corporate HR.