Departure services

  • Meet with assignee to work out any issues related to departure and give assignee a checklist of common preparations and issues.
  • Work with corporate HR to issue relevant notice to landlord and begin arrangement for recovery of any security deposit (if applicable).
  • Liaise with assignee on pre-inspection of properties and liaise with contractors (if appropriate).
  • Liaise with assignee and landlord on handover of properties, and liaise with contractors for reinstatement works (if appropriate).
  • On date of check-in/check-out, complete Handover Report and arrange for landlord (or their representative) to sign. Maxview staff will countersign on behalf of corporate HR. Assignee will sign as well.
  • Forward copy of completed Handover Report to corporate HR for record.
  • Termination of utilities and telephone lines at appropriate time.
  • Ensure recovery of security deposit within 60 days in accordance with terms set out in tenancy agreement if applicable.
  • Termination of bank accounts, any club memberships or related, immigration related tasks and final check with assignee that all has been completed.